Reframing Healthy Living

Growing up in a home of sickness and constant trips to the doctor and hospitals for dad and all of us, I questioned and noticed how people live and die and searched for why.

I went to school, and played, and lived a fairly normal life, and yet my inner search for understanding this human life, sickness, and death was with me all the time.

All people are very different and encounter various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspectives and challenges. Some die young, seeming to be healthy, some die old, and some in-between for various reasons.

Some heal, some continue to break down, and some have a sudden disease or death to experience.

When I chose health and long life, I honored medicine, and I also honored my innate wisdom and ability to heal myself. It has been a healthy balance and led me to extraordinary places.

I began with natural foods nutrition, Silva mind control, and Edgar Cayce, the medical intuitive as a teen, exploring natural remedies and traditions outside of that time’s everyday norm.

My focus has always been on how to live happy, healthy, and whole and come back from anything that comes up along the way.

The Bible, new and old testament gave me a lot of information as well. I learned that spirituality and health worked for hand in hand.

To me, spirituality and what Jesus lived, not all of what the religions interpreted, and discerning and practicing the truth of these gave me important focus and information. This alone has been an amazing journey to discern what works and what gets in the way of our life and health, then and today.

Yoga, meditation, and astrology were the next studies that helped me understand the body, mind, and individual blueprints of why we are unique. My studies have continued from here, and my focus has always been perfectly healthy love, joy, and peace.

My life has been challenged at every turn, and because of this, I was inspired to learn more and carry on.

When I work with clients, I begin with clarity of mind and intention. Our minds are all over the place, filled with fear and pain, judgment, and confusion.

Searching traditions and studies from around the world, keeping universal truth in mind, I have made life and how to align with our true self simple.

No matter who we are and what our current belief system is, we can make a movement to align with perfect health, happiness, peace, wisdom, and grace in our lives.

So much of our energy is focused on keeping thoughts, emotions, and energy of trauma away that we struggle with life and health when we can have more energy, enjoyment, and health, mental and physical, each day.

Change is needed, breaking from beliefs, rules, and fears that do not serve us are required to heal, flow, and go forward in ease and health. I have simple, easy ways to live free of challenges and constant anxiety, fear, and trauma and make peaceful choices.

Lifestyle change is a given. Find out what really works for you is key.

Going beyond limiting beliefs is important. Using our innate wisdom along with traditional ways is what works. Our life on earth is a constant learning experience as we evolve, remember, and act in a healthy direction.

Look at your life. Are you focused on living a healthy, happy life? If not, reframe your thoughts to discover the possibilities here for you. If you are focused on health, keep going beyond one way or one practice.

Be free to break old ways and traditions, and beliefs that keep you stuck.

Listen to your innate wisdom about how to love and care for yourself and how you affect others. We are all in this together differently.

Keep going. No Fear. Look for answers with wisdom and not limitation.

If I can assist you in some challenge you are moving through, this is the best way to learn more ways and means of healing, by healing yourself.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

(973) 647-2500 Email

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