Dreaming Our Best Life Into Reality

Dear Friends, December 28, 2023

It is a beautiful week to experience life and not rush to make decisions that are not ready.

Relaxing into the Now, we discover new perspectives and possibilities.

The anxiety of this week can be that we "have to" know where we are going in 2023.

Please be here Now and go ahead and expand into what is here for you.

Goal setting is excellent, yet anxiety can block new possibilities.

Some say that there is no such thing as timing.

Studying life, and Astrology, for decades, I know that timing is important.

Stay present, mindful, and aware.

Living each day moment by moment, we discover our pathway forward.

An idea came to me this morning, which was brilliant, and I am developing this now. Putting my intentions out there allowed this to occur.

When we are unsure where to go or what to do, and blocks are coming up, it's good to allow ourselves space to allow things to line up and come to us as we dream in new territories. Our inner guidance is continually working to help us. We flow naturally in our best direction when we slow down enough to listen.

With discernment and curiosity, my study of Astrology and living a long and challenging life has proven that there is a divine plan, and we choose to work with ourselves or against us. I also learned that when the stars, the world, and we, are aligned, we move effortlessly in new directions and awaken opportunities.

A RECENT EXAMPLE occurred in 2021. It was mid-COVID, and I had to move. There were 50 people in every home, and nothing was showing itself to me.

I asked about this and heard, "The correct home will be yours, two months beyond your deadline." But, unfortunately, the place that was mine still needed to be put on the market. Since I have lived in trust for much of my life, I was sure it was the correct message. I continued to look daily, and I did not lose heart.

The landlord was abusive to get me out, yet I knew my rights and stayed the course.

  1. After I moved out, the old landlords made $50,000 more on the sale than if they sold it on their timing. Both of us won.

I was the first person to see the new property, and the new landlords were there for the showing. Some things did not work for me, so I passed.

By the end of that week, I had looked at five more possibilities and was exhausted and frustrated. Finally, I said, "I cannot look at one more house."

The phone rang within an hour, and the Realtor said, "They chose you and will make the changes you requested to prepare the home."

We become frustrated when we impose our will when it is not the correct time or opportunity. Not getting what we want when and how we want it causes depression, fear, and anxiety, and we are likely to make wrong decisions.

Trusting ourselves and our inner knowing takes practice and proving for us to learn that the universe and our lives do work together for our good.

This week's Astrology is helpful to help us stay present and encourages us to be open to new opportunities and directions.

You should set your intentions and be open to new possibilities.

I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to rush. Relax, allow, and receive.

This week, I made a sudden decision and immediately followed through after a surprising insight. It was clear, without a doubt, and everything aligned to make it happen quickly.

Build this practice of allowing the flow and working with it.

Trust your knowing and release doubt.

Life is more fun living as an adventure. Have to's and should's, limit us, and close us off from listening and seeing the best path for us.

A long-time occasional client called yesterday because she was stuck. I saw a specific new career direction opening up for her. She felt excitement and the truth of this immediately. Of course, I did energy work with her, her home, and her partner, to clear and open up the energy for her.

We devised a plan to open that new pathway for her and stay ready for the surprise of the job prepared for her.

Our lives are co-creative, and as we learn to be open and participate in new ways, we allow things to line up in our favor.

I am available on the phone, via Facetime, or via Zoom to guide you through this.

Peace, Love, joy, and all excellent and wonder-filled things for you and yours this week and always.

Blessings, and Thanks for joining me here on this Journey.

I hope these writings inspire you to reach for the stars in your life, health, and purpose. We are all able to be whole, peaceful, and happy. You can go for it.

Please share this blog and newsletter with anyone who might appreciate the messages and support. Thank You. Be sure to read our website too.

Have a Great Everything. Happy New Year!

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Shaman, Healer, Sage, Astrologist, Teacher, Reiki Master, Coach, and Guide

Be the Medicine. Live the Power of You!

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PS Please stay home if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to flu, pneumonia, or COVID. Self-care is also caring for others and not bringing sickness to the party.

I am working this Holiday week so if you or your friends and family need healing or support, reach out for an appointment.

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Website www.BetheMedicine.com 973-647-2500 Email [email protected]

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