Dear Friends,

Healing means wholeness. So, to heal is to be who we are in our full expression. In this time of the pandemic, the focus has been disease. I grew up in a home focused on disease and dying, and it was a scary, painful place to live.

At fifteen, I was faced with a choice to live or die and live in sickness or health. I chose health and a long healthy life.

I was also focused on unconditional love and universal truth as guides to health and a good life. Breaking the family, community, and medical focus patterns was a challenge, yet it was my only path.

In this time of fear of death and disease and the falling apart of governments and structures and beliefs that have not worked for a very long time, we can choose wholeness and healing.

To focus on reclaiming us, we are guided to answers, solutions, and new ways of living that heal the wounds that are gaping open now. Opening our limited beliefs and minds is important. There are only answers when we seek beyond where we are now.

Universal truth and unconditional love are great compass points to use to discover higher wisdom. Lower level truths and conditional love; I love and believe you, only if you believe what I believe, or act as I expect, are what break us apart.

Oneness was the other guide for me as I sought out truth and love in all. In our world and body, we are separate from ourselves, one another, and our wholeness, and that causes disease.

Health is not mind over matter; that is too simplistic. In my over five decades of studying and experiencing healing and health, I found many-layered answers to assist others and heal and be healthy, body, mind, and spirit.

Healing is a focus, a lifestyle, and a way to live each day. It is important to focus on healing into wholeness in our splintered world from universal truth and love.

Loyalty to the truth, instead of to people, becomes an important part of the healing journey. In our world, we have been likely to stay true to family, religion, culture, worldly and man-made beliefs of these, rather than the truth we know inside us that speaks to us all the time.

To move into healing us and all, we learn to break out of the boxes of beliefs and fears that keep us broken and hurting. No matter where a person is on the spectrum of beliefs and fears, all can move ahead and begin to heal.

Start with you. Where are you focused on the problem and going down the rabbit hole of hopelessness instead of seeking solutions? Solutions and wholeness are always here, awaiting our decision to discover and live us fully.

Be The Medicine was born of the knowledge that we are co-creators of our life. Each person who walks the walk of discovery and living it step by step will be the solution and lead others by example.

Following our inner wisdom, instead of outer fear, will take us there. Begin the journey today. I am here for private sessions, workshops, and classes to support your journey. Much more will be unfolding throughout the year.

This is a journey for us to navigate these troubled times with grace or fear on the planet. One opens us to solutions and wholeness; the other keeps us wounded and scared.

May you find your journey an adventure.

I am here for support.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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