Advanced Healers Classes


Perfect Health. This is our nature as humans so why has it been so elusive? Cells replicate themselves constantly so why do they continue the disease instead of regaining health?

Our original blueprint was interfered with long ago and now it is time to awaken it and integrate perfect health into our every cell and life.

In this day we will explore and open the doors in our DNA into perfect health. There is a process and we will use our highest guidance as support.

Advanced personal and professional practice, initiations, and teachings.

This will be a small class of personalized experiences and training. Those who have worked with me know that you leave totally transformed by the energy, learning, and healing.

Those who gather will co-create what comes through for you. I have years’ worth of teachings and experiences to share and am excited to offer this to anyone who is ready for advancing their spiritual path, awakening, healing, and practice for you and those you support.

Be Ready for Adventure. Be The Medicine. Be the Guru. Be You!


This is an advanced class on energy awareness protection and clearing.

Blending Shamanic and Energy Medicine Teachings

This class awakens you to more profound, subtle, and gross levels of energy and how to work with it.

As healers-teachers-therapists, holistic and allopathic medicine people we learn to be a guardian and warrior for us and our clients, patients, students, and us is important.


We are all empaths and in this class we learn how to make it work for us with the knowledge and wisdom taught in this class. As a Shaman, this wisdom has saved my life and many others.

There is a need for people and practitioners to have a higher energy awareness in every day, walking down the street, in families, if you are working with people and places in any way, teaching, or going to groups, classes, and events, and so much more.


Energy attacks and transmissions can be very subtle, and we can miss them and think they are something else and become ill or affected in many ways on one or more levels.

In working with many groups as teacher and student, I know how important it is to understand complete and effective ways of taking care of you and others especially when you are doing healing, energy, therapy, yoga or other spiritual practices.

Janet is a Shaman, Reiki Master, Yogi, Practical Mystic, and Medical Intuitive and has always focused on being a guardian as well as teacher and healer aware of the energy and spirit in all.

I am willing to teach your group at your location as this is essential knowledge for all to have. Please pass this on.


Shamanism Training is a prerequisite.

This is for healing practitioners and teachers of all modalities. Psychologists, Energy & Body workers, Shamanic Practitioners, Physicians, Nurses Chiropractors, Social Workers, Dentists and all who work with clients and patients.

The world is awakening to higher frequencies and disassembling illusions at an accelerated rate. Are you prepared to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes? The truth shall set you free and lead you on a most incredible adventure. Learn to Be The Medicine, the answer and the solution for yourself and others.

New tools introduced for deep connection to your soul. Janet begins to align you with your true self and soul purpose. Progressive practices and teachings are available.There are reasons healers, teachers and medical people may get sick, tired, depressed, egotistical, age quickly, develop memory loss and are challenged.

They are not to blame. Often these are good talented people who are interfered with.How does our work set us up to take on more than we have been aware of and what can we do to prevent and reverse this process? This session is an opportunity to discover what creates behaviors, patterns, pain, depression, anxiety, suicide, fear, disease and much more.

What are the energies behind the problems? We are not alone has many definitions to be explored.As a healer, one who works to assist people, you are vulnerable to energy drain, taking on the wounds and energies of others and possibly passing on yours to them.

Learn and experience new awareness, tools, techniques, energy building and effective shielding. Enjoy an afternoon of networking and learning.This session is at the heart of StraightArrow's work. She is pleased to introduce it to the Woodstock community. As a teacher and healer, she has faced many severe situations and entities and more and has experienced first-hand the problems and the solutions she presents. We need awareness, action and community support to thrive and make a real difference.

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For medical and holistic healers and anyone ready to Be The Medicine for self and others.

Enjoy a new foundation and perspective that empowers.

Healers of the Future will Be The Medicine... Discover a new way of working that prevents and cures as you heal others and yourself. Practitioners from all modalities can integrate this work into their specialties and lives immediately. Being the medicine challenges you to be healed and whole, living health, happiness, truth, beauty, and light. Your energy and body will heal, and you will better reflect and be aware of what you can do to assist others in straightforward, clear ways.

These teachings facilitate alignment with your highest potential. The advanced energy work includes simple, precise, clear, holistic, logical teachings, tools, and awareness. Learn the science of discovery of a very high order through direct experience. Learn how to awaken, align, and balance your entire being with vibrant life force energy. To access medicine on a deeper level, the blindfold of current perception must be removed. StraightArrow does this in a beautiful playful, energetic way.

As healers, how does our work set us up to take on more than we know? What can we do to prevent and reverse this? This session reveals behaviors, patterns, pain, depression, anxiety, suicide, fear, and disease and easily heal them. Be The Medicine moves you into awareness, and solutions that you may not even know are possible. Step into a level of mastery, precision, and willingness to know, practice, and live subtle, profound truths today.

Janet StraightArrow has dedicated her life to living, teaching, healing, and assisting people to Be the Medicine, Living the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation, and laughter whenever you are with her. StraightArrow has been teaching and healing for twenty years and has studied with Masters around the world and developed simple, clear, and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career, and discovering and living their life purpose.

Be ready for a high-energy weekend of healing, and learning, and immediate experience on this powerful weekend.

Includes a recording of the class and a free follow up call with Janet StraightArrow.

Testimonial “I am so grateful for the work I have done with Janet and Be the Medicine in sessions and classes. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my body and life, but I also notice how important the work we do is to my profession and ability to be and do more than I knew possible. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease. My life's story is becoming rich with deeper love and experience and losing the drama of my life before this time. In taking advanced classes of the several modalities I have studied over the years, I see how this inner work I have done in between segments has moved me light years ahead of my peers in many ways. None of us were aware of the power or possibility of who we are and how much more fully and freely we can learn, experience, and live.” Wendy Kreiss-Parkin, Massage Therapist, Channel, Energy Worker