How to Become Younger Each Day in a Real Way

Age is more than a Number Or Attitude.

Dear Friends,

I have been living the focus to Be The Medicine for fifty-three years. Healing myself from a dire diagnosis and staying healthy and happy all the years since has been a wild ride and an incredible journey.

For the past sixteen months, I have enjoyed a lovely space where I could expand into my life, mind, spirit, and work. I was guided to live here for 18.5 months. I thought it would be a place to share a beautiful natural space with others. COVID had another idea. On reflection, I realize this has been a perfect time for me to expand and heal, and a way to complete many things.

After losing my youngest daughter sweet Lisa at the age of twenty-nine, in half-an-hour on 4/1/2008, my life was shattered beyond anything imaginable. My money disappeared, and so much more in my life kept falling apart. Like the energizer bunny, I choose to keep going, rest, and begin over and over again as I healed.

Imagine much of your life shattered and unable to reconstruct for years and still to walk and work and care for others and you. Many people worked with me through this time. I saw the perfection of who came and how I could help, and how it helped me.

No one knew how shattered I was and how challenging it was for me to do simple things. In the sessions and classes, the brilliance came through that was needed for the moment, and then I rested. I had to be in the millisecond, not just the moment, to keep going.

I broke through many things, ego, and soul, and discovered more ways to live, heal, and let go.

I realized that my life purpose was being activated in many ways. To heal me through the above traumas and many more that came in the years around that time took monumental strength, courage, and trust.

All of the wisdom and methods I had learned, taught, and helped others and me through all the years before were brought to full focus, refinement, and challenge to survive and then thrive through all I was experiencing.

I felt like Humpty Dumpy shattered and in millions of pieces. Each day I was challenged to keep breathing and living and taking care of myself. I was focused on surviving and putting all of me together again anew.

My family did not want me to work with people because it took so much out of me, and I needed my strength to just breathe. After four months, I began working again.  I began slowly, seeing a few people a week, and took days in between to rebuild my energy and take care of me.

I quickly realized this was a major spiritual awakening and initiation, bringing me to my core with no ego protection and out into the world again.

So, what does this have to do with youth? Everything. As we face our brokenness or our rote living and thinking habits, we can lighten up with positive, present, and productive living.

I became very discerning of what I would tolerate in my life. I kept to myself a lot, not in a depression, but a quiet reflection, healing, and curiosity. This time alone also helped me rebuild my energy and clarity.

In this past year, all of us have had the opportunity for more reflection. Some are home alone, and some have more people home that came back from school or other homes to be together: many benefits and many challenges for all.

The biggest thing to let go of is negativity. This is the best anti-aging of all. Look at the basic reality, and best of what is, instead of what’s not. Look for new possibilities and open up to more.

Many people are going to their core of fear, anxiety, and discovering the truth of who they are. Our truth is not being bad or wrong or fearful. It is, where do we go from here?

Our truth is unlimited possibilities and abundance. It is all here. Some people are going through incredible loss on all levels, as I did.

As I was going through these many years of extreme loss and challenge, I asked why? I heard that I was here to show people who would go through similar experiences in the future that there is a way through with positive results.

As I prepare to move my home again, hopefully to a place I will stay for a while, I see the brilliance of moving again, letting go, moving on, and creating a space to plant and grow again.

Completing my gorgeous full new website just before year-end was growth for me. It was birthed after nine months and a lifetime of creation. I am out there clear and real in a beautiful website.

Now, as I prepare to move yet again for the sixth time in 16 years, I have a new perspective on my home and life to decide what to pass on and leave behind physically and with others too. Each place had its purpose and I grew and saw many ways and places to live.


When people realize I look and feel decades younger than my age, they ask me what products I use. I tell them it is not products or things done on the outside. Self-care and good food and movement helps. There is many things that begin with beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes that are key.

Becoming more youthful is about being positive, loving, and growing in love every day. Looking for positive ways to work and play. Self-care, self-awareness, and choosing the best for you. Focus on healing, wisdom, wholeness, and grace.

*Let go of negative voices in your head keeping you stuck; freedom is at hand when you do. The fountain of youth begins here. As I look in the mirror these days, I write this because I look and feel and think younger than when I had the photo on the header here taken thirteen months ago.

I have gone through a deep Vision Quest and life review these months and years, with gratitude leading the way. No judgment, no blame, or wishing it went another way. There is a relief in making it through this year that helped me recreate and grow my business and life in new ways.

Being more youthful is being wise, happy, accepting challenges to allow more freedom, and so much more. I am here to support you. We are all in this together, differently. I honor your journey.

If you are looking for support and new perspectives to make the most of your life today, I am here.

Thank You for showing up and being you.

If I can be of support reach out.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

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