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January 13, 2024

Dear Friends,

My work and life purpose are to make the practical spiritual and the spiritual practical.

We begin to see how our lives can work when we blend both.

We are all spiritual beings in a physical body.

In fifty-seven years of study, I have ascended through many levels of wisdom, truth, love, joy, peace, healing, and success.

In my study of Astrology since the late 1970s, I began to understand the why’s behind the cycles of our lives.

I call Be The Medicine the science of experience. We are the test subjects, as we put ourselves directly in the center while studying and exploring new wisdom and knowledge to see how it works for us.

I do not believe anything in life and spirit. I test and use it in my life, work, and relationships. I continue to learn more and accept, reject, or explore further.

I encourage all of my students and clients to do the same. Don’t believe, know the truth.

I continuously research to find the highest truth to help others and myself manifest living what the masters have taught us is possible.


It is always time to be our true selves and live authentically.

We may play small or live like we have to do or be someone else. 

It is so subtle that we may not realize how off-track we are.

This is often what makes us unhappy and unhealthy.

We may just be afraid to be us for many reasons.

New Year, new life, new beginnings.

Let’s stop wasting time and effort and begin to love ourselves and all where we are now.

Earlier in my life, I struggled with being authentic and still playing my part.

There were also times I was lost in the expectations of who I was supposed to be as a woman, mother, daughter, wife, head of household, worker, and more.

After trying out the word curious for this year, I realized I am always curious.

My new word for this year is BOLD. As I refine my writing and work this year, I am excited to put it out there in a way that many can receive and use.

Can you be bold and live your life true?

Let’s take life to the next step of freedom of expression and live us.

I am known for my No BS approach and motto.

This helps us to move through stuck places in health, work, relationships, mind, body, emotions, spirit, and soul.

Life becomes clear, easy, and brilliant as we align with all aspects of ourselves.

Having fun with all of this has made it more accessible. 

We are more receptive, open, curious, and creative as we lighten up.

Taking everything seriously is fear-based. Being sincere allows us to experience, choose, and discover.

I teach at an advanced level with great care to access your true wisdom and core that knows the truth and is easier to learn because there is no doubt.

Are you ready to relax and accept who you are so your life is at ease and flows inside and out?

This is where your gold is. We are each brilliant as we shed should be and live truth. The best part is that it is beautiful and deliciously fun!

What steps can you take this week to be truer to yourself?

Notice when you feel “off’ when you are speaking. Listen and feel the truth that is being avoided. 

Anxiety is often because we are not listening to our inner wisdom and thinking or doing things against ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to be “wrong.” This often impedes our progress in uncovering our true selves. The good news is that when things are not true, and we notice this, we can correct them and move forward in a positive direction.

Again, have fun with this. Make this process of exploring you an adventure.

I am excited to offer the programs below this year for those called. All are on Zoom as well as in person.

The beauty is that as I continue to teach, I learn and refine more. 

Have a great week. Be excellent and faithful to you.

Blessings and Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

[email protected] 973-647-2500

Be The Medicine is a process designed to help you live your “Medicine,” your “true self,” and live purposefully in everyday life. Enjoy your Journey, and call me for guidance and support, as that is the greatest gift I love to offer.

The Shamanism I learned and experienced has been a missing link for people to have that authentic experience with Universal laws and their unique soul journey.

The training I offer, Soul Shamanism 101, is a crafted class to help you connect with your soul, discover the love you carry inside, and unveil who you are as a beautiful person body and soul. This Journey begins a connection that brings great peace and love into your life. Each of us has a unique path; this practice helps you connect quickly and moves you deeply into your heart and soul. 

Join us for this life-changing class on January 20-21, 2024. Read the testimonials and see the events page on our website on this date for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. 



Small groups, personalized attention, high energy, transformation, mastery teachings, bliss, peaceful, loving, profound awakening, healing, and becoming you!

Soul Shamanism 101, January 20-21. Discover the more profound truth of you.

Shamanic Toltec Mitote Retreat March 9-10. Release fear and awaken confidence.

Reiki 2 Energy Medicine Training and Remote Healing. Feb 27-March 26

Channeling and Automatic Writing, March 16

The Protected Healer – Seeker April 21.

Soul Shamanism 101 May 4-5

Reiki 1 Self-Healing, Advanced Energy Medicine Understanding, Begin to work on others. June 1-2

Ongoing Soul Shamanism Training and Practice every other Wednesday night on Zoom all year.

Advanced Levels of Soul Shamanism to be scheduled Later. Summer Retreats suggested

Advanced Healer Seeker Mentorship Program being developed.

Treasure Yourself Woman’s Shamanic Retreat June 28-30.

Shamanic Vision Quest Retreat for Healers and Advanced Seekers July 28-30.

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