Is Your Glass Half Full

Our attitude and what we expect in life rule our lives more than we know.

With a half-full glass, we have accepted our life gracefully and wait for more good things to come.

With our glass half-empty, we see what we have and are waiting for loss and pain, as we do not trust our ability to gain.

With our glass overflowing, we are in the circle of life, accepting, receiving, and allowing our lives to be nurtured, fed, healed, and transformed.

How we live our lives is always based on how we see it and how we expect it to be.

When our focus is Half Full or Empty, we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for something.

A glass overflowing accepts life in all of its experiences and forms.

We do not have to like it all, yet we flow with it, see it as the fabric of our lives, and choose how to flow and co-create moving forward.

A glass overflowing requires no waiting. We think and act fully participating.


Ask yourself, am I looking for loss or gain, or fully participating in the game?

Life is more glorious than we imagine.

As I have written and reflected on this, I see that a glass overflowing always gave me everything I needed to overcome adversity and significant loss and become strong and confident. I was open and discovered opportunities to carry on best.

I also learned the lessons of disappointment and expectations and created healing, wholeness, and gain.

As we give thanks this week, go deeper into how you perceive life, love, sharing, and caring, and be sure to put you at the top of the list.

As we love and appreciate us, we love others.

May you feel blessed and bless others along the way.

Thank You for Being You!

I hope you have a great week—many Blessings to All.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

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