Be the Medicine is a path of spiritual, healing mastery in everyday life. Even the beginner classes and sessions catapult you into higher truth allowing profound healing, awakening, and knowing. As a practical mystic, Shaman, spiritual mentor, and healer, Janet brings heaven to earth in utter simplicity as only a StraightArrow can.

Be The Medicine is you, living body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul as one.

It’s a tall order and quite an adventure of learning, loving and living our true nature with profound grace, ongoing discovery, and healing as we become more us every day, in joy. Janet trains and coaches people from all walks of life. When you live from a place of truth and purpose, your work, relationships, health, and entire life improves daily.

StraightArrow’s profound and wise insights take any perspective and problem out of the mundane into new heights of perfection. Life becomes very easy when truth leads our focus and direction. In working with Janet, you are inspired to be your best and you experience new possibilities that emerge from each session or class.

OUR MISSION The Path to Freedom. To educate and inspire people to live their truth, beauty, light, health, happiness, and purpose. Janet’s Mission is to Awaken people to Deep Love, Complete Healing, and Purposeful Living.

COMPANY OVERVIEW Be The Medicine offers a direct path as it encourages and empowers you to bridge many worlds with wisdom, knowledge, courage and strength as you learn to live your purpose, enjoy abundant health and happiness. Be The Medicine offers private sessions, retreats, mentoring and various programs to nurture your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Janet StraightArrow is a Healer-Teacher-Shaman and Practical Mystic. Janet is the Medicine. Holding a light of love, truth and joy inspiring people to know and live their greatest truth, perfection and purpose. For blogs newsletters and new offerings join our newsletter

“I am grateful for the learning and healing I have done with Janet StraightArrow and Be The Medicine. I am more comfortable and confident in my body and life, including my family and professional life. My health is one hundred percent better. I have released the drama, and my story is becoming rich with love and new experiences. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease, and I am aware of the power of who we are, and how much more there is to us and me and how to continue my journey."

About Janet

“Janet StraightArrow Is Healing, Wisdom, and Grace.”

Janet StraightArrow is a Shaman, Healer, and Sage, born into a Suburban New Jersey woman’s body. Never quite like anyone else, and yet she tried to live a typical life. Her life has been a trial a minute, and you will always find her smiling as if she knows a precious secret, which she does.

Inner wisdom, discernment, and knowledge have led her through the drama and traumas of her very full life. Dedicated to Be The Medicine for herself and to teach others has been a calling since a child.

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Working with Janet

When you work with Janet in sessions or classes, you find her loving presence allows you to be yourself. You may think you know what you will work on and are often surprised that it goes much deeper than you imagined. You may expect her to “do” something and find that as you sit with her, no matter what occurs, you feel lighter, happier, pain-free, and more open. When you leave, your life is forever changed in a positive way.

Janet carries a high level of loving energy that supports your healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotions, and awakens you to your wholeness and soul. Janet’s decades of ongoing study and practice offers an amazing depth and direct answers and results.


Janet is not what you might expect, and that is a good thing. Expectations lead you to limitation. StraightArrow is a soul name given to her. Truth is her energy, her compass, her purpose, and so is happiness.

Sacred is joyful and real. Her lineages are from around the world and her focus is universal. Janet’s work is unique and powerful and focused on waking people up to the true nature of the divine and the world we enjoy this sacred play in.

Janet has big energy of love and light. No pretense just being is what she is about. Sessions and Classes illuminate and heal in ways that unfold naturally and gently.

Much of her Shamanic work is accomplished organically. Janet loves working on the phone, and any way we can connect, heal, learn, and be.

A Shaman is known as one who heals themselves and this is one of the most powerful teachings of Be The Medicine. We can all do this and so much more.

Janet discovered her Shamanic Calling in nineteen-ninety-two while working as a top Realtor who had been studying healing and spirituality for twenty-five years. Her gifts and abilities opened very quickly after that soul awakening.

She followed her inner guidance and pursued extensive research and training with Shamans and Masters in many worldwide spiritual healing traditions and began to heal and teach immediately. Each tradition had so much to offer, and together they answered her questions about healing and living mastery today.

Continual practice and refinement created a healing-teaching work, Be The Medicine, unique, powerful, and straightforward. Her big energy of love, joy, and light offer you compassion, profound healing, with down to earth wisdom. Sessions and Classes illuminate and heal you in ways that surprise you as they unfold naturally.

A Shaman is known as one who heals themselves. This is one of the most powerful teachings we accomplish in Be The Medicine. We can all heal ourselves and so much more. Join the journey.

Janet loves working on the phone, Zoom, and in-person. Call Janet StraightArrow today at (973) 647-2500 and explore possibilities for your growth and healing.


Janet's Comprehensive Studies

StraightArrow’s quest has come from a deep soul awareness that we do not have to be in pain or sick. Janet has traveled the world seeking answers in her life of ongoing personal study and healing to overcome her challenges.

  • Janet began her personal studies in mind-body medicine in 1967 as a teenager after being given a dire diagnosis and found her calling to Be The Medicine for herself and others.
  • Janet earned traditional degrees and continues ongoing study in Nutrition and Psychology. Janet has also studied holistic healing with Medical Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists.
  • A myriad of professional pieces of training, certificate classes, and workshops in mind, body, emotion, spirit, and soul healing followed.
  • Janet has trained and studied with over one hundred thirty teachers, and masters of various traditions around the world. She worked with several for more than two years. Janet studied yoga, meditation, bodywork, energy medicine, Reiki, Shiatsu, mindfulness, breathwork, Shamanism, spiritual healing, and more holistic studies from Astrology to Zen.
  • Shamanic training has been with many renowned and indigenous teachers and healers Toltec, Siberian, Tibetan, Celtic, Huichol, Andean, Lenni Lenape, Lakota, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Classes and Pieces of training, and Woman’s Bear Shamanism.
  • Reiki Master Training was over two years with a personal apprenticeship and she began teaching immediately since 1996.
  • Extensive spiritual studies in several eastern and western traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Sufism, Judaism, as well as indigenous studies, brought her to a greater understanding of a worldview and of the soul.
  • A lifelong learner, Janet continues to follow her heart and souls lead to more in-depth, and profound work with outer and inner teachers.

Healing, Coaching, and Teaching Practice

  • Janet began teaching holistic nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and healing since 1981.
  • Janet teaches a comprehensive Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Medical Intuitive Training, Soul Shamanism, and more Holistic, and Spiritual Healing.
  • Janet offers comprehensive advanced healer’s trainings and apprenticeships for students who are ready and dedicated to their journey and gifts.
  • Janet began her professional healing, and bodywork practice in 1994.
  • Janet offers professional spiritual coaching and healing for professionals, healers, spiritual seekers, people seeking greater healing, making positive change, and families. Janet has lived this work through relationships, family, and several professions with great success.
  • Her upcoming book Be The Medicine is accessible to the needs of people from all walks of life who are on an advanced path of becoming the wholeness of who they are.