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“Our life makes sense when we discover the truth of our soul. Knowing who we are as the person, we were born to be in this body and lifetime unfolds and is supported in many ways.” Janet StraightArrow


Soul Shamanism is a signature work offering advanced Shamanism levels that are centered on us having a direct experience with our soul and higher levels of spiritual wisdom and knowledge and healing.

These life-changing classes open us to heavenly levels of reality, bridging heaven to earth in real ways. We have the experience and find unconditional love, universal truth, and our true self inside of us. This practice allows continual growth, healing, and wisdom to guide us in our lives and live our truth and purpose as it inspires enlightenment.


Soul Shamanism came to me from a Siberian practice that took me beyond any Shamanic practice I had learned before. It answered my questions on how to Be The Medicine by connecting to our higher self-soul and exploring our multidimensional inner space where we discover all levels of us as humans and divine beings. I began in 2002 and have continued to teach, practice, and develop this work to profound healing and connection levels.

My favorite experience initiating a person into this sacred space was my mom at the age of eighty. She became very quiet all of a sudden. I asked her what her experience was? She said, “Janet, I feel at home for the first time in my life.” She was in absolute bliss, content, and at peace. This is the truth of who we are.

Why is it called Soul Shamanism? After studying Shamanism from traditions on many continents, I found unity and wholeness in this practice that I could teach others to heal and gain knowledge more efficiently and effectively than any other methods. I brought the wisdom of higher spiritual teachings that are universal worldwide and implemented them in this practice, which makes all the difference.

This is a great way to learn self-healing and everything about who we are, and how to live our purpose and best life. We access the Shamanic State of Consciousness in grounded and divine ways.

More possibilities open as we work with this together in sessions and classes. This is a great foundation for Be The Medicine and Medical Intuition as we directly connect to information on all levels.

In this work, you learn discernment and how to eliminate blocks to your full health, happiness, purpose, and living as you learn to live your highest potential and truth. Efficient, direct healing of body, mind, emotions, spirit through advanced techniques are taught.

I am a Soul Shaman, who discovered my Shamanic calling in 1992 and tapped into the ancient memory of who I am. My purpose for this work and all of Be The Medicine is to guide people into their true self in all ways. It is quite the adventure, and I draw on teachings and tools from traditions around the world that add to the journey's fullness.

Soul Shamanism 101 & 201 offer you the foundation. More classes and private sessions deepen the experience and teachings and ways to heal, work with others, and your soul-lifetimes to be more fully aligned and who you are here today. Advanced levels of the work assist in timeless healing and pure, productive living. You also learn to work and live with others on a soul level.

Living Universal Laws and releasing Illusions on all levels allows your soul journey to move clearly, and you learn to heal immediately in profound ways in this sacred space of you.

This is a powerful practice for Shamanic Practitioners to take their work and self to the next level.

Soul Shamanism is a precious, key practice that Janet has deepened and developed for all to walk their walk, living their brilliance with ease and Grace.

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“To me, the Shamanic path is to live in awareness and honor of all people, nature, and life in all dimensions. It is a sacred journey of awakening our humanity to our divinity. It is a path of enlightenment that includes all lineages around the world and beyond. To know who we are in the most sacred way and live it is the greatest gift I share in Shamanic training and sessions. We experience how to be the Love, Light, Peace, Happiness, Health, Truth, Beauty, and Light that we are naturally. Responsible, respectful, neutral spirituality in action. Studying with Spiritual Masters and Shamans worldwide created a beautiful tapestry of wisdom and knowledge to understand, integrate, and share. Blessings.”
Janet StraightArrow


Initiations and Training.
This class offers a profound experience and practice that is life-changing. Discover your inner space of peace, wisdom, and divine connection. Knowing who you are as a soul and personality allows you to choose and live more fully each day.

Janet holds a sacred high energy space and guides you lovingly into higher dimensions in this training. Having walked this walk for decades, Janet has great compassion and patience, creating a pathway for you to surrender this dimension and raise you into higher dimensions of life and you.

Join Janet StraightArrow as she initiates you into direct experience of your-soul-self. You will explore the Shamanic territories of you and learn the highest universal laws to live in your body and life from now on. You will also meet your ancestors, guides, teachers who travel with you always.

Janet was initiated into this practice in 2002 and has been guided to continue to develop it along with Be The Medicine to assist people from all walks of life to live their true selves.

“My Soul Shamanism class with Janet was profound and deep. She helped me open inner doors and explored my mission and my soul. I am stronger and more aligned as a result. I recommend this journey for anyone who wants to learn more about him or herself and find a healthier paradigm for living.”

You will explore your inner space that directly reflects your body and entire life. After this class, you will never feel alone again. You now have direct access to your inner wisdom and knowledge and learn how to deepen this every day. Healing on all levels opens up in ways you never imagined possible.

This Universal, Spiritual Shamanic practice makes the mystical – practical, immediate, and real in everyday life. Working with others as you develop this practice, you learn how to explore your life multidimensionally and help yourself and others directly.

An excellent class for healers, teachers, therapists, coaches, and All who are ready to Be and Live who they truly are. From this day forward, you will feel empowered by the depth of your soul, self, and all of your connections and tools received from this experiential class.

Your life purpose awakens and readies you to move forward in all areas of your life in profound, simple, clear ways. Heal yourself directly from present concerns and past hurts. Find inner peace, tranquility, and knowing.

Awaken Medical Intuition, Channeling, Intuition, and other spiritual gifts and abilities.
Enjoy this addition to your spiritual healing tool bag that is a precious gift. Soul Shamanism takes all Spiritual and Shamanic Practice to new deeper, higher levels for Shamanic Practitioners, Healers, and everyone. This class is an important beginning to assist you to Be The Medicine.

Join us from anywhere on Zoom and enjoy the journey to know who you are, heal on profound levels, and how to live your life purpose.

“Wow! Deep work. Meeting my inner self and learning lessons I need in my life now. As a massage therapist and a mother, it’s easy to forget to take care of myself. Today I did that and more, and I can take the lessons and wisdom back into my life and work. Janet’s humor, compassion, and straight talk facilitate the process. I plan to continue working with her as my life unfolds!”

“This class was a spirited one of Acceptance and surrender, both within myself and among those working with me. It provided both space and the opportunity to heal and learn new healing methods on/in the dimension of our everyday reality and the dimensions beyond it. This class was filled with understanding, support, and encouragement. It was a wonderful beginning to a lifelong journey.”


Now that you have been introduced and are practicing life with these advanced teachings and working with your inner space's territory, there is so much more to learn and experience.

After practicing for a while, it is important to regroup as more subtilties become important to be aware of and navigate. Learning to move through any blocks into wholeness, health, happiness, truth, beauty, and light allows your entire life to transform into its perfect alignment.

In this class, you will join more fully with your timeless self and know more clearly about your life and soul purpose.

We explore new dimensions of us in various realms and find our true nature divine with solutions always available.

Learn to know and heal you in more ways that are simple and profound. Explore deeper regions of the Lake and Twin and advanced ways to develop a daily practice.

Working with each other helps us learn to access more understanding for ourselves and others.

Healers will appreciate more ways to work with others too.

StraightArrow teaches you how to awaken more of your gifts and increase your perception in all areas of your lake and life. Establish more understanding and experience in the Spirit Lake and with the Spirit Twin offering you a unity of self that is a strong foundation to move clearly in the world.

“This training was a spirited one of acceptance and surrender, both within myself and among those working with me. It provided both the space and the opportunity for healing and to learn new methods of healing on/in the dimension of our everyday reality and the dimensions beyond it. I received understanding, support, and encouragement. It was a wonderful beginning to a lifelong journey.”

“The training was a learning about perception – moving out of my head and into pure experience. The tools of the art of perception were shared with clarity and power by Janet and I was able to use then immediately to access life lessons in the course of my Shamanic Journeys. Janet is truly a gifted teacher and I plan to continue my inner work with her.”


As we gather together, we learn and support one another. Walk your walk with surety, wisdom, and grace. Together we further our learning, healing, and experiences to live body and soul as one. We have fun as we continue to learn to discern, awaken and step into the fullness of our soul.

Soul Shamanism is an ongoing practice of personal and spiritual and healing growth and learning. I have so much to teach and guide you in this realm. Learn how to use it in all areas of health, life, and spiritual growth. Learn to assist and heal others too.

This practice allows continual growth, healing, and wisdom to guide us in our lives and live our truth and purpose as it inspires enlightenment. Once mastered, this practice replaces almost all practices and tools to accomplish healing and personal and spiritual mastery.

These life-changing classes open us to heavenly levels of reality. We have the experience and find unconditional love, universal truth, and our true self inside of us.

“Our life makes sense when we discover the truth of our soul. Knowing who we are as the person, we were born to be in this body and lifetime unfolds and is supported in many ways.” Janet StraightArrow

There is so much to learn and share about this practice and how it can help you in all areas of your spiritual, soul, and everyday life. In this Soul Shamanism practice, we are in a multidimensional space of us and have access to all levels of who we are, our path, purpose, healing, and being on all levels. We are centered above the fifth dimension and bring heaven to earth.

Our soul is whole, and our inner net to all is activated, and we learn direct, clear ways to be who we are and so much more. As we master this, we can help connect and assist others easily too. Janet StraightArrow
Offered once a month on Zoom.


Soul Shamanism 101+201 required.

In these classes we work on specific, personal health, mind, emotion, spirit, and soul issues.

Janet holds a high energy of light and love to facilitate our experiences in these dimensions 5 and above.

We take our spiritual healing path to higher levels of soul healing and awareness and have immediate healing experiences and wisdom that helps us move forward.

Past lives, this life traumas and experiences, soul agreements and more are discovered and resolved.

More support on your soul purpose, new guides and teachers, and work with your twin and counsel. An advanced way to walk our life journey.


Soul Shamanism 101-201 Training Required.

Open to students and practitioners who have been working with advanced levels of this practice for yourself for at least 1 to 2 years.

Learn how to connect and support others on a soul level. You must be practicing this work connected to your twin and lake and inner space and understand the many possibilities for you first.

There are many profound experiences to learn in order to communicate, heal, and support clients, family, and more bridging soul and personality self on all levels.

Practitioners of many modalities who help others will learn deeper true ways to support people at all stages of life. People who help people will be grateful to work on this level experiencing immediate results.

Reiki Masters and yoga teachers, therapists, spiritual healers, holistic practitioners, allopathic-holistic practitioners will experience an extreme up leveling of their work.

Answering the needs of people with soul connection and understanding and knowledge is revolutionary and a tremendous gift for all.

Your personal healing and evolution will be enhanced through this class.