Spiritual Mentor-Guide

“One session with Janet is worth a year of therapy.” Practical. Loving. No B.S.

StraightArrow offers neutral, loving sage wisdom and practical knowledge to clearly see from a higher perspective that leads you to answers that work. You leave each session with new perspectives, hope, homework, practices, and tools to continue the journey.

You break through challenges to simple, clear, and direct ways to move forward. As a trusted advisor to people from all walks of life, from teens to elders, Janet listens and sees you where you are, and goes directly to causes and solutions. She guides you to find your own way with confidence and grace.

Janet encourages a high level of awareness and integrity to help you be successful, happy, and healthy.

Health issues and emotional-mental-spiritual challenges are addressed, healed, and released. Relationship, work, family, and more issues are looked at fully and lightened with humor and wisdom to help you take action easily.

We leave judgment and blame behind, and we discover the many layers of truth that keep us stuck. StraightArrow goes directly to the point of what is happening in your life and health. Janet looks at the whole picture of who you are and honors you for your unique perspective, values, and choices.

Wisdom allows us to go beyond our current situation, thoughts, beliefs, fears, and challenges to move into a higher truth, spiritual growth, and awakening into renewed life and action.

StraightArrow has walked the walk of spiritual, life, and health mastery for decades. Janet’s business and life experience add to her understanding and her studies with many spiritual masters.

Janet’s focus and purpose are to assist others on their journey with patience, no judgment, and no B.S. She pays attention to each step with compassion and understanding to assist you to do the same on your journey.

Living as souls in these bodies is a powerful perspective and connection for your growth. We are continually balancing our ego with our soul, and Janet teaches us how to take the high road.

Janet’s extensive experience and studies in spirituality and her profound continuous spiritual awakenings allow her to guide you with confidence through the challenges of your spiritual awakening. She helps you to understand what you are moving through in a positive, loving way, which opens you to healing and new vistas of your life and purpose.


Learn to walk the walk of you and your authentic self. An exciting new life unfolds as you discover your life and soul purpose and live it.

Individual sessions and ongoing work available. [email protected] or call (973) 647-2500 All traditions are honored and supported.