Shamanic Healing

High-vibration energy, state-of-the-art healing and teaching, and ancient and modern practices from around the world are experienced in practical ways to heal and transform you in Shamanic Healing.

Shamans are the original medicine people. The focus is to restore balance, health, and peace to people, groups, and the earth. Life and people are accepted and seen in their wholeness and holiness with potential and interfere with us.

Miraculous Healing, counseling, relationships, life purpose, career, and clearing on all levels; body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul. Removing blocks from life patterns and traumas, exorcisms, soul retrievals, deep trauma, healing past lives, present life, genetic and Ancestral Healing, and Spiritual mentoring. Inspiration, Encouragement, JOY!

The Healing we accomplish in a Shamanic session is all listed on the sessions and services page. In addition, all of Janet’s worldwide Shamanic training and practice significantly add to the Healing, wisdom, and answers that come to us in the session.

Janet channels a deep level of energy that is soft, sweet, and loving. You feel nurtured and supported, which allows more profound healing to occur. Each session is unique and accomplishes exactly what is needed, and ready to be healed, learned, and accomplished. It is always a surprise as to what is needed, healed, and discovered.

Janet is also a warrior for you to clear difficult energies and entities when appropriate. You will learn how to clear and protect yourself too.

The session will be silent, or there will be co-creative information spoken to help you move through the healing process. Medical Intuition, past lives, messages of support and information about your body and life, your guides or loved ones in spirit, and situations from this life, causes, and solutions may come through for you. Crystals, sound, drumming, and smudging practices are possible.


StraightArrow teaches you along the way so you can receive, understand, and continue on your healing journey. Homework with practices, tools, and ways to embody and continue the recovery is given. Sessions are an hour to two hours, and ongoing healing and learning are available.
Call Janet at (973) 647-2500 [email protected].