Home, Business, and Land Clearings

In moving in and out of a home or business, it is good to do a deep clearing to allow the new purpose and people to thrive. Clean energy before selling, buying or renting. Clearing your energy or the energy that is in the house and land from past people and activities offers a new open space to live and work.

Calling a professional for deep cleaning and clearing allows new life for home, business, and property. Land and buildings hold memories and energy that can interfere with our lives, mental and physical health, relationships, positive movement, and success.

As a Shaman, Janet is very connected to the spirits and energies of the land, space, and people. By addressing property and buildings and the purpose and people in them, we go deep into Energy Clearing, which allows renewed energy, focus, health, success, and life to the land, buildings, people, animals, plants, and trees.

Our work is accomplished remotely around the world. We may also work in-person.

Business buildings and property are cleared to open the space for success, a harmonious workplace, improved health, and relationships. Information about what has been and what is occurring currently, and what is coming is likely to be discussed.

Signs of the need for energy clearing: When things are not working, relationships and health are challenging. People and animals' behaviors are negative; the energy feels heavy, scattered, stuck, oppressive, fearful, or off; homes do not sell, and more, and you know you need help. Deep cleaning of everything allows new energy and opportunities to be welcomed.


Some blocks or energies or entities interfere with the free-flowing ability to live our lives. Sometimes there are spiritual beings that you might or might not be aware of and do not know how to handle or clear.

Some symptoms you might experience for deeper clearing: Strange feelings, dreams, sensations. Hostile workplace or home. Persistent fear and anxiety. Subtle interference in your mind and life. Systems and things are breaking down in the structures and your health. Noises and sudden lights or appliances turn on or off or drawers’ doors and other structures open and close. Something about the space does not feel correct.

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