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January 31, 2024

Dear Friends, This weekend we are at mid-winter. 

With all planets stationed directly, we may think we are having a free ride. Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, and more are making upsets. When planets square one another, I say, squares knock us off the chair. 

Squares are the shake-up and wake-up actions that awaken new perspectives. Having 21 planetary squares in my natal chart, I am used to continual challenge and change since birth. We need change in so many areas of life around the world. 

Taking action and responsibility is imperative to realign to the best for all and move out of the direction many countries and our country are going in that is taking us back and not forward in humanitarian and earth-caring realities. 

Looking at us individually, we need to tap into the Aquarian energy of the Sun and stand up for ourselves and one another. Being willing to change is something that awakens all of us. I always wonder when people say they do not want to deal with change, where does fear come from? Change is normal, growth is normal, and the evolution of mind and body is normal. 

Aligning with the best possibilities helps us maximize what we can experience during times of major changes and minor ones. Holding on to “How it is supposed to Be.” Creates a false reality and causes suffering, pain, and being stuck in the areas of our lives where we resist change. 

Love and compassion for all raise us to look for more than is being shown and spoken about in the media. My father quoted Benjamin Franklin when he told me, “Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.” Dad taught me about the illusions running the world over 60 years ago. With today’s technology, it is worse than ever. 

Trusting our perceptions and inner wisdom will keep us safe and sane. In the past two weeks, I have experienced more scams than ever from people through emails, phone calls, and personal and professional interactions. 

If I was not alert and willing to be protective, caring, and wise I could be out a lot of money and compromised in many arenas. We don’t want to believe that people, companies, governments, medicine, and more are hurting us purposefully. 

Yet, we must learn to discern and trust ourselves. Instead of judging and blaming, set boundaries and be careful every day. The truth will set you free, like it or not. 

Stay positive, loving, and kind, and be wise in all your changes. Look for how changes can improve life and redirect you to new places you did not know would work for you. 

As always, have fun with life’s adventures. 

Love you, love all. 

Have a great week! February awaits. 

Thank You for being here. 

Blessings and Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

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Be The Medicine is a process designed to help you live your “Medicine,” your “true self,” and live purposefully in everyday life. Enjoy your Journey, and call me for guidance and support, as that is the greatest gift I love to offer. 

Researching and living the teachings for fifty-seven years to help modern people learn the wisdom of the ages and their innate knowing to live their best life in alignment with who they are and why they are here now has been an adventure to share with joy!

I am currently finalizing the production of the first of many books I have written focused on the needs of people now. I have been writing for decades; It is time to publish my work and methods for you to enjoy. 

I find that people are now asking the questions I found answers for. I am offering wonderful teachings, tools, and practices that give you ways to find your own way and answer how to walk your unique walk and true self-confidently and clearly. It’s all an adventure. 

Private coaching for all walks of life is available from Corporate to holistic professionals who are ready for their life to work in alignment with their gifts, purpose, personality, and soul.

I am also creating new programs and offerings. As said above, I love change. Please stay tuned. See the latest on the newsletter linked here and on our website. 

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