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“All of life is magic. Our attitude, focus, and actions create our reality. Make it a great one. Always in Love.” Janet StraightArrow

Dear Friends, This photo of me in my Indiana Jane Hat, with an Alpaca scarf I bought at the top of Machu Picchu, is a reminder to me that life is an adventure. My pearl earrings say I am a woman walking between the worlds, unafraid to travel and explore to find answers and follow my calling.

An adventurer is often brave and is more interested in the quest than being safe and following rules. To move ahead on our spiritual life journey, we are rebels regarding expectations and limits.

I have had a pretty tough life and have always been curious in how to make it better. When exploring Astrology as a self-awareness tool, I realized that one of my greatest gifts is my Sagittarius Rising. Our rising sign is how we present ourselves to the world and how we approach our life. Sagittarius rising is an adventurer, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We like the truth, fun, travel, and freedom, and we take risks to experience what our mind conceives.

So no matter how tough my life has been, I look for higher truth and possibilities to make life better for me and others. So my approach to discovering healing and higher-focused spiritual living has always been to push beyond the boundaries of people and the traditions I experienced. I was always looking for more and how we can live the highest truths that set us free.

I was never afraid to travel to work with a teacher or healer or go to sacred lands and learn new traditions and practices. I jumped in 200% to have a full experience and understand the teachings. I jumped out when it did not feel correct because of manipulation or control that unfortunately, sometimes occurred.

I stayed with several powerful teachers and traditions for years and learned what was there for me to experience in teachings, and practices, and to find answers to questions. An adventurer is open and needs a neutral mind to discover something new. An adventurer is not afraid to be wrong as there is much to learn that we know nothing about until we experience what is there for us.

Because I was strong in myself and had good boundaries, I felt safe trying something new. I never fully gave my power to another person, yet I respected many. The person to always trust is ourselves to explore and live on the edge of several worlds.

To see our life journey as an adventure instead of work elevates our attitude and perspective. We are sincere without being serious. Sincere is open and curious, and dedicated. Serious is limited and anxious and afraid to be wrong and want to be correct.

Being the Medicine is an adventure to you. Discovering that we are divine with qualities of goodness, love, peace, happiness, perfect health, universal truth, beauty, light, and oneness as our nature gives us a strong foundation.

We never blame or shame, or judge ourselves and one another. Instead, we discover that we are human beings here to have an experience in living in this body and soul at this place and time. We each have a unique vision and purpose, and challenges that have separated us from us and others along the way. There are no dark shadows to erase or dirty secrets to hide.

Our adventure is to illuminate who we really are to help us release what is not us that we have been living. We transform ourselves into brilliant and beautiful selves to live in this body and world today. We are on an adventure of healing and becoming our true selves.

I always make it fun. Since our journey is not work, we make it divine play to love and be us all the way. Can you be neutral and kind in your self-discovery on your life journey?

There is no one to blame, yet it is for us to choose each day and learn deep ways to take responsibility for ourselves. Only we live in our body and mind, so we can change anytime. When we know we are in charge, we make healing and awakening changes without doubt or fear.

Making it fun lightens it all up, to be clear. May you be encouraged on your journey. Instead of being a sinner as your original nature, see yourself as a lover full of goodness and potential. Changing words and attitudes make all the difference.

Blessings and Love Always,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!


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