Being Real is Ideal – Healing Lessons

Dear Friends, I sincerely pray that you have had a fantastic summer and that the gifts will continue into fall.

When people ask me how my summer has been, I say, “Terrible.”

Since I am known as Suzy Sunshine, I know they expect me to say, “It was Great!”. But unfortunately, my experience was less than good, and I am grateful to be moving and healing from it.

From where I am now, I am more energized, awake, and peaceful than ever, and yet I accept the journey this past year and choose to take it all to a higher plane.

We can only heal when we accept our grief, hurt, and trauma and choose to learn, transform the hurt, and move with grace and clarity beyond it.

A quote of mine when we are moving through tough times is, “Everything is Perfect, and Everything Sucks.” Of course, this brings giggles from people, as we know it is true.

Looking at life from the point of realism and an uplifting attitude gets us far. But, on the other hand, being a victim keeps us stuck, angry, and sad.

Life is a journey of many experiences. What we do with them creates the fabric of our lives.

When we are honest with ourselves, we can heal. But, unfortunately, we have no place to go when we fake it and deny how we are.

I like to have fun and light up. My attitude is my innate nature, and I am grateful for this way of being. I would not have survived my life if I had been a victim.

So, even though it has been a tough summer and year, I am grateful to have moved through some deep healing that liberated me in ways that feel much better than before the year began.

Liberating energy works wonders. Clearing and transforming the energy of trauma, grief, loss, and pain with wisdom, Love, and compassion lifts us into a higher plane of being.

Being honest allows us to face pain and suffering. Choosing not to live that pain continuously and move through and beyond it is a gift worth pursuing.

Life gets better, and not worse, as a choice we make every day.

My purpose and goal are to experience and teach myself and my clients. So we can be free and move into health, peace, wisdom, and our best lives.

Over the years, I saw the variety in people’s lives and choices. So I choose to be a wise, joyful, healthy sage instead of a cranky, sick elder.

Focus and change take effort, curiosity, and daily choices in mind, body, and spirit, and well worth it. At your age, begin choosing a consistent lifestyle of freedom and health.

As we hold ourselves with Love and compassion and choose to move through life and health experiences into a better situation, the rewards are endless.

I learned early on to share my journey authentically. Leaders tend to avoid telling their stories because people will judge them. I know that being honest with being a human on this journey is good learning for you.

Being authentic allows us to heal before we get sick or depressed.

We move through many layers of healing and have patience with the process with powerful results.

I am happy to support you on your journey in sessions and classes. I have most of my classes and workshops here to consider and join.

Be ready to have fun, be real, and heal as a gift for all.

As always, may this support your life journey.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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