Miracles: The Power Of Prayer And Distant Healing


My first experience with a healing miracle happened almost forty years ago. I was the contact for my church for people to request healing prayers for people in need of healing. I called ten people and they called ten people and so on.

One night a woman called for her husband who had been rushed to the hospital in extreme pain. They found he had two big gall stones lodged in his body that were too big to pass on their own.

The doctor wanted to get him managed in pain and body so they could operate first thing in the morning. The request for healing was very specific, that the gall stones completely dissolve now.

That healing intention was passed on to all who were praying for this man. He was loved and active in many communities and the prayers went far and wide.

At two in the morning, I woke up with a start, and felt the stones were gone. At eight in the morning his wife called me. She said her husband was out of pain at two and slept all night afterwards.

When the doctor came in for his morning rounds, expecting his patient to be in pain, as medications would dull not relieve the pain. The doctor decided to take another scan before surgery, only to find that the gall stones disappeared completely.

They did not pass out of his body, they disappeared completely. The doctor was in shock. All of us who prayed, and sent healing were pleased, grateful, and inspired.

Many miraculous healings have occurred on my healing table and remotely since.This experience encouraged me to continue my healer and healing journey, to continue to research and learn what works to help people receive complete the healing.

Miraculous Basics:

  1. This man asked God and others for help.
  2. He was open to receive complete healing
  3. His intention was clear, he wanted the stones to dissolve, and disappear.
  4. He was willing to release limiting beliefs and ask for the most that could happen, not the least.
  5. Action was taken by those he asked and those who were called to assist.

These basics are some of what I teach people to assist them in their healing. The ability to allow and receive are needed. Having clear intent and to ask for what you want opens the door to receive.

I help people overcome doubt, fear, and limits, which block healing. Ask for divine help and allow others to assist.

Since this amazing occurrence, I have learned volumes on healing through extensive study and experience. I have learned why miracles happen and why they do not. I am always open to the most for each person and how to allow the healing to occur.

We all have a hand in healing ourselves and helping others. Stay positive, focused, and allow the best to be. More follows. This is a basic of Be The Medicine. I hope this inspires you to embrace a healing journey and see where it takes you.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

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