Dear Friends,

We are in the midst of extreme change and challenge on the planet. It is time to put down the swords and find a way to move forward with wisdom and grace.

Ego wounds can be healed, and higher truth can be revealed to help us move forward.

There has never been a more powerful time recognizing the limits of the human mind and emotions and reaching for a higher mind and solutions.

Life is an illusion as long as we live in fear and confusion. Life is divine when we align with higher purpose and meaning. We have access to many gifts when we are ready to let go of being right or wrong and seeking what helps and heals us all.
Take time and reflect to decide how to proceed. Turn off the news and find truth and love in ways that help you carry on. I see great possibilities for all of us as we work together, moving forward.
The Dalai Lama says it best as he was asked after a talk he gave, “Why didn’t you fight back against the Chinese?” The Dalai Lama looked down, swung his feet just a bit, then looked back up at us and said with a gentle smile, “Well, war is obsolete, you know.” Then, after a few moments, his face grave, he said, “Of course the mind can rationalize fighting back … but the heart, the heart would never understand. Then you would be divided in yourself, the heart and the mind, and the war would be inside you.”
All of our stress comes from the fight between the mind and emotions and our heart and soul. When we reconcile them to work together, we find strength, peace, and understanding tapping into our brilliance and solutions.
Keep focused on positive possibilities and put all of your energy and words there. You will find there is much to find worth living as you operate there.
Some opportunities for learning and experiencing this in sessions and classes. Free Facebook live event of Soul Shamanism where we have a direct experience of aligning with our soul details below. The new class begins in mid-January.
Be gentle and kind to you and all.
Instead of fear, focus on taking care of you and yours.
Put the focus on where you want to live inside and out.
The future is as positive as we create it to be.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

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