Reflection and Responsibility

Dear Friends,
We are living in most incredible times. We have been thrown into deep inner space to reflect on our lives and determine how to live and see the world.

Our ego wants to decide and be comfortable and makes up stories and reasons and blame, and judgment. Our soul wants us to be present, loving, and whole to experience the learning, awakening, and possibilities.

How do we blend our ego and soul to attain a life we desire? That is the journey of Be The Medicine. Living our wholeness, health, and best life authentically requires some mastery all along the way.

We surrender to the questions, the learning, and discovering the answers inside and out. I love to see it as an adventure in our humanity. As I have recovered my history in this life, and many past lives, and also studied astrology and many forms of spiritual learning, I understand the journey is never-ending.

So when the ego wants to limit, believe, or blame, it is essential to reflect without self-judgment, and see where you can learn, find the truth, and live peace within.

There are many stories in the world and inside of us. Learning to discern is a more straightforward task than you might imagine. To decide to release the ego limits to live the soul wisdom is a journey in itself.

This journey is one I take you on and guide you through to see life from a higher perspective and make it work for you today. Health on all levels is a focus, and so is how you see and live your life in alignment with your best possibilities and choices.

Everything is a choice more than most people can even imagine. Once we experience how we choose, we can choose again if it is not what we want to live.

All of the outer eruptions in the world are a reflection of our inner wounds, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, fears, and how we play them out. As each one of us wakes up to our responsibility, we can choose to be the change in our life and world.

I enjoy making it fun. After fifty-two years of sincere study and openness to all possibilities, I found the narrow path of truth that is most expansive. Then I took it all to make help people understand themselves and what has created their life and health and assist them in realigning with the highest potential they can live.

Joy is the journey because it is liberating to be free of all of the substantial limits, pain, and suffering we have accepted our lives to be.

There are always more answers, more questions, and possibilities. Join me and us on the adventure in private sessions, classes, and professional pieces of training. YouTube Channel Evolving Facebook

Please request specific classes or topics you are interested in taking. I am developing more short and longer-term programs on Zoom. Stay tuned.

Be Well.

Be the Medicine

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