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Introduction to Soul Shamanism

September 8, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


In this free session, Janet introduces this practice and lineage to you and answers any questions.

Join us for an hour of discussion and a deep meditation experience.

Sign up for this session and receive the recording to listen to again, or for the first time, if you cannot join us. 9/8/22 at 6 PM ET on Zoom.

I will send you the Zoom link. Email me with your name, phone number in case there is a change and your best email address. Read our website under Teaching Circle and Testimonials on Soul Shamanism, and send any questions to me.

On my journey of seeking how to live the truth of all of who we are and be free to heal, enjoy life, and be, I found this advanced practice I call Soul Shamanism.

We have an experience as our Soul and learn how to access our true Soul Self daily. We discover the truth of who we are and live as souls and humans as one.

All that I studied and realized before this discovery prepared me to practice and teach this profound work. In this practice, we experience our daily life purpose and challenges to live and transform.

This practice has replaced hundreds of practices and tools I learned over the years, as it goes beyond all of them in a simple, clear way. See more on Soul Shamanism in the classes below.

Sign up for the Zoom link [email protected]

Janet found her calling as a Shaman very unexpectedly in 1992. Since then, she has opened up to her gifts and calling and has been led to assist students and clients find their true selves accessing their innate spiritual healing abilities, and live their life purpose.

Soul Shamanism came to Janet from a Siberian practice that took me beyond any Shamanic practice I had learned before. It answered my questions on how to Be The Medicine by connecting to our higher self-soul and exploring our multidimensional inner space where we discover all levels of us as humans and divine beings. I began in 2002 and have continued teaching, practicing, and developing this work to profound healing and connection levels.

My favorite experience initiating a person into this sacred space was my mom at eighty. She became very quiet all of a sudden. I asked her what her experience was. She said, “Janet, I feel at home for the first time in my life.” She was in absolute bliss, content, and at peace. This is the truth of who we are.

Why is it called Soul Shamanism? After studying Shamanism from traditions on many continents, I found unity and wholeness in this practice that I could teach others to heal and gain knowledge more efficiently and effectively than any other methods. I brought the wisdom of higher spiritual teachings that are universal worldwide and implemented them in this practice, which makes all the difference.

This is a great way to learn self-healing and everything about who we are and how to live our purpose and best life. We access the Shamanic State of Consciousness in grounded and divine ways.

More possibilities open as we work with this together in sessions and classes. This is a great foundation for Be The Medicine and Medical Intuition as we directly connect to information on all levels.

In this work, you learn discernment and how to eliminate blocks to your full health, happiness, purpose, and living as you learn to live your highest potential and truth. Efficient, direct healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit through advanced techniques taught.

After studying with many Shamans and Masters, Janet found her unique mission and this profound practice, bringing everything together in Soul Shamanism. This signature work offers advanced Shamanism levels centered on having a direct experience with our soul and higher levels of spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and healing.

These life-changing classes and profound practice open us to heavenly levels of reality, bridging heaven to earth in real ways. We have the experience and find unconditional love, universal truth, and our true self inside of us. This practice allows continual growth, healing, and wisdom to guide our lives and live our truth and purpose as it inspires enlightenment.


TESTIMONIALS “This workshop with Janet StraightArrow is a journey with your soul. She guides you back to your true Self with humor, wisdom, honesty, and compassion. It is an amazing experience that has to be felt! And I can tell you; you will never be the same. You will be changed deeply; you will open up to your gifts, strengths, and the exciting journey of discovery. This was my first workshop with Janet, and the power of it blew me away. Be prepared to laugh because being with Janet is like being with a wise, trusted friend. Be prepared to see things in a new way. Her techniques are magically transforming and healing. I had a blast! Janet teaches you in a way that you do not realize you are being taught – The information just channels into you in an amazing flow. It is awesome!”

“…I have a whole new world open to me for balance, self-confidence, knowing what is real, and reinforcing the beauty of living the truth. There is a peaceful retreat inside my body when I get help from my twin to tap into who I know I am and what I can achieve.”

“I experienced a clearing of some blocks that have held me back from living my truth, becoming who I truly am. I feel that some aspects of my journey have been clarified for me. I have a grander understanding of previous challenges and issues that I have experienced in my life. I feel renewed energy, a sense of purpose, and trust in the instinctual insights I had previously been aware of and denying.”

“My Soul Shamanism class with Janet was profound. She helped open doors for me as I explored my mission and soul. I am processing the experience and knowledge that I will be stronger and more aligned. I recommend this journey for anyone who wants to learn more about him or herself and find a healthier paradigm for living.”

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