Dear Friends,
I recently taught a health class with fifteen-year-olds. They were so moved by what I taught. I decided to offer you some of the highlights of Be The Medicine teachings that I shared with them. Sometimes I forget that people do not know these things.

If I only have this moment, this is what I would like everyone to know.

  1. We are innately good, precious, and perfect.
  2. We are Perfect Health and are the healers of us.
  3. Our nature is Happiness. There is no need to create or earn it.
  4. Truth is our Freedom. When we know the truth, we can navigate everything with ease.
  5. Beauty is all.
  6. Light is what we are all made of what we reflect and emanate.
  7. Peace is possible. This becomes our experience when we release illusions.
  8. Love is all there is.
  9. We each know everything about ourselves and the world.
  10. We choose. There are no victims, only volunteers.
  11. Everything and everyone counts.
  12. God is, We Are. God is Love; We are Love…
  13. Our Hearts are always open.
  14. We are always connected to spirit, soul, God, everyone, and us.
  15. This life is a gift.
  16. We are our own caregivers, caretakers, and authority.
  17. There is an answer to every question.
  18. We are of unlimited Brilliance.
  19. Trust you, love you, honor you, and you will make the best choices for all and you.
  20. Question everything. The truth makes sense. If something or someone does not make sense, find out what does.

Embrace these. Copy and save them to look at and remember each day. We are Health, Happiness, Truth, Beauty, Light, Love, Goodness, Peace, and One.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow
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