Ego as Friend-Retraining The Ego To Work for You

Mirabai at Woodstock 23 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock

Zoom Event Learn How to Retrain the Ego to Work for You Discover Your Ego as Friend, Support, and Strength. The ego gets a bad rap. So much misunderstanding, fear,…


Sign Up Vision Quest

Art Farm Fawn lane Accord NY, NY

A perfect summer to experience a rite of passage after some years of inner and outer challenge. Janet is a loving guide holding a safe-sweet space for you to relax and be who you are.


Soul Shamanism Advanced Monthly Class

Be The Medicine Chester

These monthly classes help you move more deeply into yourself and learn advanced tools and practices for you and others. Experience new energy levels, wisdom, knowledge, healing, tools, and practices within this practice. Step fully into your life as a soul and personality together as one, living your purpose. Clear old issues and programs to…


Soul Shamanism 101 Zoom Class

Zoom 247 North Road, Chester

This class offers a profound experience and practice that is life-changing. Discover your inner space of peace, wisdom, and divine connection. Knowing who you are as a soul and personality allows you to choose and live more fully each day.


Soul Shamanism – see 10/13 – 11/10 Zoom class

Himalayan Institute Honesdale, PA 952 Bethany Turnpike., Honesdale

Unfortunately due to Covid, this retreat is canceled. We look forward to being at the Himalayan Institute again soon. Join us for this same class on Zoom beginning October 13- November 10. Enjoy a class of deep inner exploration and unconditional love. Our true Self-Soul is wise and knows and loves us best. During this…