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Janet offers a loving, wise, and joyful support on your journey. She has studied and lived spiritual healing and mastery for 52 years studying with masters and teachers around the world. Working with teens to elders, Janet assists you to love and accept you and see where you can let go and move from where you are.

She shares incredible, neutral, loving wisdom and practical knowledge to help you see clearly from a higher place. You will leave each session with homework and practices and tools to continue the journey.

Living as souls in these bodies is a powerful perspective and connection for your growth. We are continually balancing our ego with our soul, and Janet teaches us how to take the high road. Health issues and emotional-mental-spiritual challenges are addressed & released. Relationship, work, family, and more issues are looked at fully and lightened up with wisdom to assist you to move forward easily.

Learn to walk the walk of you, and your authentic self. Amazing life unfolds as we discover and live our soul purpose & more. (973) 647-2500 All traditions are honored and supported.


Janet carries a high level of energy and mastery to support healing. Her extensive training in energy medicine in many traditions, and as a Reiki Master for 24 years, offers you tremendous knowledge, energy, and support. We open up and release what is not healthy on all levels and receive deep healing. The energy is also a way to raise, balance, and align you with your higher wisdom and living.

Learn new ways to work with your healing, raise your energy, and learn tools you can practice on your own. From cancer recovery to major and minor personal and health issues to anxiety, fear, and getting unstuck. Janet goes to the root causes and all and what is attached to the causes to assist you to align and balance you with health and your best life. Janet looks at each person in wholeness and helps you realign with perfect health. We acknowledge disease, pain, anxiety, etc. and still, we look to how to align with perfect health as the path to healing. This way of seeing us opens us up immediately.

See for more. (973) 647-2500



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StraightArrow found her Shamanic calling in 1992 and awakened her innate spiritual healing and perceptive abilities. Janet has studied with Shamans around the world, seeking deeper knowledge and unity and awakened clear ways to assist others as she deepened her connection to spirit, soul, and how we can all Be The Medicine for us as we come back to our wholeness. Shamanic tools and practices are employed to heal the mind, body, spirit, emotion, and soul levels.

Direct ways to work with helping spirits and our soul and self to live in health and happiness and our true self emerges as we work together. Let go of the past hurts and traumas, as well as receive higher knowledge and wisdom from your soul-higher self and spiritual guidance. (973) 647-2500 StraightArrow teaches you and encourages your own experience in these sessions, allowing you to receive and continue the journey—an hour to two-hour sessions or ongoing learning and healing.


Looking for higher wisdom on an issue? Looking to discover where you are blocked or sabotaging you and can move from there to freedom and movement? Looking for insight on one or more issues? Seeking an understanding of challenges in relationships or work? Janet StraightArrow gets directly to the point and helps you see and move through whatever is challenging you on all levels in life.

Phone, Zoom, or as a part of another in-person session, you will leave lighter and clear on how to proceed in the highest most aligned way. Have fun too! See client testimonials on (973) 647-2500 Half hour and longer sessions.


Astrology is a great way to discover more about who we are, the cycles we are going through, and understanding us and others in our lives in many ways. Each session is unique in what you are looking to awaken and discover and what you are looking for support on. Janet uses Astrology in other sessions as well as many of our sessions are a blend of all of the gifts and tools Janet offers.

(973) 647-2500 Part of readings above or most supportive in any other sessions as well. Janet has been studying Astrology for 40 years and finds it informative and helpful to understand us and the Universe and all. Time depends on your focus from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Look on the Astrology page of this website for more.


Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Relationship, Career, Health, Navigating Change, Release Stress, Recovering from Loss, Reclaiming Self, Learn-deepen Meditation, Energy Healing, Medical Intuition, Spiritual Awakening-Guide, Healing, Mentoring, and Training.

  • How to get to the cause of Problems and Live Solutions.
  • Develop confidence in all areas of your life
  • Bridging holistic and allopathic methods of healing and living.
  • Integrative healing sessions-body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul.
  • Life, health, career, relationship, spiritual coaching.
  • Medical Intuitive Reading-Healing.
  • Getting Unstuck in one or more areas of your life.
  • Tools and practices for self-healing, raising awareness and living from the wisdom of the self.
  • Energy Healing and Training.
  • Heal body, mind, emotions, and spirit in areas that were said impossible before.
  • Deep energy release.
  • Relieving-releasing stress-anxiety-fear-pain.
  • Raising your energy.
  • Reversing Aging.
  • Increase memory and reclaim all of you!
  • Balance and Align Body, Mind, and Soul.
  • Learn and deepen Meditation.
  • Quiet Inner Dialog
  • Discover and Live your Life Purpose.
  • Professional Mentoring for Spiritual Seekers, Healers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Realtors
  • Support your process in Healing Major Life and Health issues.
  • Strategies to strengthen and protect your energy and self.
  • Advanced tools for healers for self and client work.
  • Recover From Traumas
  • House, Land, and House Clearing Remotely.
  • Learn to work with your soul and spiritual guidance directly.
  • Learn to Be The Medicine in the world and with and for you.

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how we can work together to support your goals.


As a Shaman, Janet is very connected to the spirits of the land, space, and people. By addressing property and buildings and the purpose and people in them, we go deep into Energy Clearing, which allows renewed energy, health, success, and life to the land, buildings, people, animals, plants, and trees.

Often there are blocks or energies or entities that interfere with the free-flowing ability to live our lives. Sometimes there are spiritual beings that you might or might not be aware of and do not know how to handle or clear.

When things are not working; relationships and health are challenging, behaviors of people and animals are negative; the energy feels heavy, scattered, stuck, oppressive, fearful, or off; homes do not sell, and more and you know you need help. Powerful in-person and distance remote healing available.

In-person homes, land blessings, and clearing ceremonies are available for new owners and new purposes.

(973) 647-2500 See more on the page of


Be The Medicine is all about teaching you to heal and be fully alive and purposeful and happy on your life journey. You may want to learn self-healing or to assist others too.

You may want to learn direct advanced ways to awaken all of your abilities to lead a happy, successful life. Reiki, Shamanism, Soul Connection, Medical Intuition, Be Your own Guru, Quieting your mind, awakening intuition, living your true self, and more ways to lead a masterful life in all areas.

All classes are high energy, transformative, experiential, filled with wisdom and knowledge you can use immediately in your life. The latest classes can be seen on the events page of this website call (973) 647-2500 for more information, and appointment, and one-on-one training.