Canceled Ongoing Soul Shamanism Advanced Class

Be The Medicine Chester, NJ, United States

Join Us – You Continue to Heal, Learn, and Grow individually in a community with people from many states on Zoom. After taking Soul Shamanism 101 and 201, this course offers spiritual growth, healing, ascension, experiencing our soul and oneness in the Universe, and much more. We have unique experiences, healing, and knowledge of who…

$60. – $220

Lunar New Year Toltec Shamanic Mitote Ceremony and Dreaming.

Be The Medicine Chester, NJ, United States

Overnight Retreat Ceremony and Celebration. (Don Miguel Ruiz Tradition.) New Beginnings. Healing is Love. Join us on Saturday, February 10, into Sunday, February 21, 2018, from 2 PM TO 10 AM. Experience Transformation, Deep, Profound, Intense Beauty Filled. Perfect for Those who help others to have an opportunity to experience deep self-work. Awaken strength, courage,…

$300. – $350.