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Be The Medicine Chester

A-Zoom meeting with Janet StraightArrow Free. 7-8 Pm ET Retreat Dates. August 20-22 in the Catskills, NY. A Sacred Rite of Passage A time for you. Pause and get off the track of your life to go inside and discover your authentic voice, needs, and choices, and your inner wisdom as a gift you give…


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Art Farm Fawn lane Accord NY, NY

A perfect summer to experience a rite of passage after some years of inner and outer challenge. Janet is a loving guide holding a safe-sweet space for you to relax and be who you are.



Be The Medicine Chester

Follow Your Inner Wisdom with Confidence Each one of us has a soul life path with plenty of potentials. Balancing our inner wisdom and ego leading is a balance of grace, love, and experience. How do we know we are on the correct path? Free will makes choices along the way. How do we match…


Reiki for Everyone – Talk and Demonstration Booth

Randolph Country Fair Municipal Building Complex Millbrook Ave, Randolph

I am excited to announce speaking at the Randolph Country Fair at 12:45 pm. on Saturday, September 25, 2021. I will also have a booth to demonstrate Reiki and speak about all of the topics I share and teach. The event will be located on the grounds of the municipal building on Millbrook Avenue in…


Reiki Practitioner Monthly Healing Circle Zoom

Be The Medicine Chester

Join with other practitioners to receive and share the energy.
We continue our learning and healing together with practitioners of all levels.