Medical Intuitive Healing

Medical Intuition is a way to see more deeply into what is occurring in your body and life. Janet looks at you as a whole person with many layers and levels of being you. She tracks any problems to find solutions and causes them to be undone and healed. Instead of believing in the disease, her focus is on how to come back to perfect health.

Janet uses Energy medicine, Shamanism, and many other methods and tools to assist. She also offers ways for you to change and help you immediately.

Some symptoms and diseases, and pain are healed immediately. Many are a process to be continued over time and more sessions.

Janet sees many levels of you and your health and disease and looks for a perfect health path as her focus. We acknowledge disease, pain, anxiety, etc. Still, we look to ways to realign you with perfect health.

This life, past life, and genetic lines can be healed. Some causes that are addressed and supported are nutrition, attitude, beliefs, fear, and ways you are not living your true self, relationships, substances, traumas, environment, allergies, drugs, and pharmaceuticals past and present that do not help, and more.

Energy Medicine, Universal, Shamanic, and Reiki Energy, and a clear focus and direction help you unwind the memories, traumas, and imprints of energy and disease and pain that allow for transformation, health, and a new beginning.

If a doctor or another practitioner is needed, Janet will suggest that in the session. She also will work with your medical team and other holistic practitioners to facilitate complete healing. Janet has assisted people to heal from many things said to be impossible.


One hour to two-hour sessions and on-going healing is available for complete healing. 973-647-2500