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Soul Shamanism 101-Live Your Soul

Initiations and Training. Zoom.  5 Thursdays, May 13 - June 10. 7-9:30 PM ET This class offers a profound experience and practice that is life-changing. Discover your inner space of peace, wisdom, and divine connection. Knowing who you are as a soul and personality allows you to choose and live more fully each day. Janet holds sacred high-energy space and guides you lovingly into higher dimensions in this training. Having walked this walk for decades, Janet has great compassion and patience, creating a pathway for you to surrender this dimension...

Vision Quest Retreat

August 20 @ 12:00 pm - August 22 @ 3:00 pm – A Sacred Rite of Passage A time for you. Pause and get off the track of your life to go inside and discover your authentic voice, needs, and choices, and your inner wisdom as a gift you give yourself. We begin the journey with weekly emails to support your inner process as preparation as soon as you sign up. These are often held for three days over a weekend. We are on sacred land and clean accommodations. Are you moving...

Be The Protected Healer

The Protected Healer Zoom September 11 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Join us by Zoom recording afterward if you cannot be in person. HEALER HEAL YOURSELF Practitioners and Empathic People are amazed at the level of awareness and healing possible immediately in this course. I developed this class over a decade ago and continue to refine and teach healers and teachers from all paths. Advanced understanding and tools you can use to be safe and keep your patients and clients and family safe and heal things you did not...

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